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Sometimes things get out of hand...

We've been without a working refrigerator for almost 3 weeks now. Not (thank god) because it's a super expensive repair, but because we hired a #@$#%@ repair company. *sigh*

Apparently the compressor fan broke which means the compressor auto-shuts off after only a couple of minutes as it overheats. So, over several days, the freezer and fridge got less cold. I was fairly oblivious until I noticed that the ice cubes in the trays had melted.

Anyhow, Monday (16 days ago) we called the repair folks. They came out on Tuesday and decided they needed a part which needed to be ordered--it would arrive in 2-4 days. It actually came in Friday (12 days ago) and repair guy came back to install it. But whoops! somehow the replacement part didn't fit right--a connector of some kind was missing and needed to be ordered as well. He would talk to his parts guy and get back to us.

Monday afternoon (9 days ago) husband called the repair company to get an update as they had yet to 'get back to us' and, well, we really wanted our fridge fixed. Lady at the repair company thought the part would come in the next day and they would call us.

Wednesday afternoon (7 days ago) husband called the repair company AGAIN since they hadn't called us. Lady says she has no idea when our part will arrive and the only one who might know is the Parts Manager--he's already left for the day but will call us FIRST THING in the morning to update us.

Friday afternoon (5 days ago) husband called the repair company AGAIN because, well, ANOTHER 48 hours had passed and no one had called us. The guy who answered had no idea when our part might arrive (shocking, I know!) and the only one who would know was the Parts Manager who had already left for the day, but would be back Monday. At this point husband cancelled the order for the parts and service and phone guy has the gall to get huffy about it.

Friday evening (5 days ago) husband ordered needed parts online ($45 including overnight delivery, compare to the $165 repair company was planning on charging).

Tuesday (1 day ago) the parts arrived!

Wednesday (today) we still don't have a working fridge as we're both too tired to actually install the parts... and I've gotten so used to NOT having a refrigerator that it no longer seems like such a big deal. We have some cold stuff on the screened in back porch, so it's less annoying than it would be in the summer.

Wednesday evening (1 hour ago) I opened the back door to the porch to throw something in the recycling and heard a noise. Then I saw the largest raccoon I've ever seen up close and personal disappearing through a large (and new!) hole in the screen door. His equally large friend was left trapped on the porch and we finally coaxed him through the screen door with a broom. *sigh* (I did think the raccoons looked really soft and cuddly--if they would let you cuddle them without scratching an eye out.)

Now I'm feeling more motivated to fix the fridge so that we can remove the raccoon-chow from the porch and repair/replace the door...
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In memory of family and friends who have lost the battle with cancer; and in support of the ones who continue to conquer it! Post this on your LJ if you know someone who has or had cancer.

Grandfather (lung cancer)
Grandmother (endometrial CA, 38 year survivor)
Mother-in-law (breast CA, 14 year survivor)
Grandmother-in-law (breast CA, lymphoma)
Cousin's wife (colon CA, in treatment)
Family friend (melanoma)
Coworker/friend (GBM, 6 year survivor!!!)

the Good

Finally, after months of searching furniture stores, antique malls and Goodwill, I have found a replacement sofa! We live in a Victorian (style and era) house which does not have space in the living room for one of the big, overstuffed couches which are so common today--it just wouldn't look right. Anyhow, we currently have a 1940's sofa with exposed wood edging and flared out arms which fits perfectly. The Children (and in this group I include The Cat) have basically destroyed it. Currently, it's supported in the back with a pile of books and has afghans artfully draped over it so that kids don't hurt themselves on the exposed nails where the upholstery has pulled away from the wood... Never mind the interesting chew marks that have recently appeared on the wood near where Roo likes to stand looking out the window...

I wanted a replacement that fit with the rest of the house. Husband wanted something sturdy. Neither of us were willing to spend much money on something that we knew would be pounded on by the kids.

Saturday, in the last row of a huge antique mall, my mother-in-law found the perfect sofa and matching love seat--each on sale for only $100! The best part is that last month, while cleaning out the basement, I found a card we'd accidentally packed away 5 years ago when we moved out of New York that had $200 in cash as a gift from my husband's now deceased grandmother. And I happened to have those two bills folded up in the back of my wallet. :) So I paid cash for the two pieces right on the spot!

Now I just have to figure out how to get them delivered! :0
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In which Roo attempts to be devious

As I was making the salad for dinner, Roo pulled up her step stool so that she could help me tear up the lettuce. This is a fine activity for her as long as I give her small pieces--she thinks whatever she has should be torn into exactly two parts and thrown in the bowl. When we were done, she and Little Girl both got a little piece to taste-test. It was pronounced 'done' and moved to the counter.

Roo then grabbed my finger (her favorite way of leading parents, siblings, and other dolts around) and pulled me out of the kitchen, through the dining room and into the living room. Normally at this point she would indicate what she wanted, but instead she let go of my finger and said, "Go! GO!" while waving me off. Then she turned around and charged back into the kitchen.

I gave her about ten seconds then followed. She had pulled her step stool up to the counter where I had placed the salad and was standing on it with one hand one reaching for a piece of salad. When she saw me, she got the most "I've been caught" expression I've ever seen on her face. I came so close to laughing and ruining my parental authority-figure image it wasn't even funny. *heh*

Sneaking is bad, but I think it's hilarious that the thing she's sneaking is salad and that she's so un-sneaky about sneaking it. :)

On a less funny note, when I was singing Little Girl's goodnight song tonight (they each have their own), Roo started saying, "Shudup, shudup, shudup," over and over again. Now, we never say shut up and I've never heard LG say it either, so I'm wondering where she learned that...
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Busy not getting ready

I'm going on vacation tomorrow (yeah! the beach!) and have about a million things to do to get ready. So of course, instead of doing any of them, I just spent the last FOUR hours watching "The hundred best songs of the 80's" on VH1. That stuff is like crack!

Now I'm marveling that Living on a Prayer was voted in at number one (I really hope that doesn't count as a spoiler out there for anyone) over, well, everything else.

AND I have a million things left to do. *sigh*
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If you accidentally freeze a bottle of white wine, is it still drinkable after it thaws out (in the fridge) or is it hopelessly off?

Just wondering, no particular reason... *whistles while staring off aimlessly*
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good day

Thanks for all the birthday well-wishes! I had a very nice day: lunch with friends and family, cake, presents with more still to come (I have to find just the right piece of furniture...), and the Sooners won the Big 12 (I may live in Missouri but my husband lives and breathes OU football). The only downside of the day was the part where I forgot to put the gas cap back on (after filling up for under $25!!! I'm still excited by that.) and then it got run over and smashed to tiny useless bits. *sigh* At least it's about the cheapest replacement part on a car. :)

In other news, Roo now understands the word "no". It's very cute--she'll start to do something she shouldn't and she'll stop and look over as soon as she's told no. Then she'll desist for about 3 seconds and try again, usually with a bit more care, while looking at the no-sayer. It's actually helped a lot with her hair pulling habit over the last week or so. :)
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Question for those SPN fans on my flist

I was just going back and looking at my Supernatural Season 2 DVDs and I realized that I'd never seen the gag reel or any of the other special features. So then I spent about 15 minutes trying to find them on the discs; except for the episode commentaries, I can't find ANY of the special features.

Do any of you know where I can find them? I'm feeling kind of dumb here...
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